MLS Search

Search for homes in Orange County, California! 

This isn’t really the MLS – you have to be a licensed agent to get that!  It’s an IDX search – which is the consumer view of what is on the MLS (it doesn’t have the seller’s phone number or the comments about giving 2 hours notice to get the house picked up before showing.)   NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED!

I offer 2 ways to search for listed homes :

1 –  This one has aerial views, and the ability to search by maps.  It’s updated 2 times per day, so it’s more up to date than (plus, you don’t have to put up with all their ads).   If you want to save your search so that you can come back to see what is new, you have to register, but otherwise, it’s free to look. 

Click Here for the Diverse Solutions Search


2 –  Here is the newest and coolest search.  You can create your own account, and it will email the new listings that you specify each day.  If you want to expand your search, change the price range, or anything else, you just go in and change it.  Just click on the logo below. 

Listing Book Custom Search System

On either of these, if you want to save searches, go ahead and register.  I won’t bug you!  If you find something you like, call or email me and I will get you more information, or arrange an appointment to take a look in person.


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