Blogs I Read

This is my list of blogs from around the country that I read and enjoy.  They are added as I find them, so the order doesn’t really mean too much.

Rain City Guide – a collection of bloggers in the Seattle area.

Agent Genius – a collection of very clever bloggers around the country.

Bloodhound Blog – another collection of great real estate writers.  This is based in Arizona, but contributors are from all over the country.

Inman News Blog 

San Diego Home Blog – Kris Berg has been called the “Erma Bombeck” of real estate bloggers.  I wish I could write so cleverly!

Blog from the LA Times

Silicon Valley Blog – Steven Leung writes about neighborhoods in the Silicon Valley area.

Irvine Housing Blog – Critique of real estate in Irvine

Blown Mortgage – Morgan Brown’s views on the mortgage industry

Transparent Real Estate – Pat Kitano in the Bay Area.  Lots of advice and observations of the real estate industry.

Frankly Realty – Smart, sarcastic and very funny articles about real estate and the industry.

RSM Lifestyles – My friend, Kelly Kilpatrick, blogs about Rancho Santa Margarita

The Real Estate E Stalker  – Celebrity Real estate gossip!

Athol Kay’s Bad MLS Photo of the Day – Collection of Photos from MLS all over the country!  Guaranteed to help not sell a house!

Long Beach Real Estate Blog – My friend, Laurie Manny, is the Long Beach queen of real estate!

Manhattan Beach Real Estate – My friend, Kaye Thomas, on Manhattan Beach & Redondo Beach areas.

Seth Godin’s Blog – Thoughts from one of my favorite authors – not real estate specific, but very applicable to business practices, marketing and customer service.

California Real Estate Law Blog Legal advice on a variety of legal issues in California Real Estate

Dustin’s “4Realz” Blog – Dustin Luther, founder of Rain City Guide, and blogging guru, keeps us informed of interesting happenings in the industry. 

The Pheonix Real Estate Guy – Jay Thompson @ Thompson’s Realty writes about Pheonix Real Estate

Here are some other websites that may be valuable:

America’s Relocation Network – find agents all over the country.

Online Law School : For over two decades William Howard Taft University has offered accredited distance learning graduate degree programs in law (Juris Doctor and Master of Laws), and business.


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