Lake Forest II Homes and Neighborhoods

Map of Lake Forest II NeighborhoodsThe Lake Forest II Homeowner’s Association is currently conducting their annual Board of Directors election.  In recent years, it has been difficult to get enough members to vote to achieve quorum, so this year they are offering cash drawings for those who send in their secret ballots (not proxies). 

If the minimum of 1135 ballots are received by Sunday, May 18th, those ballots will be placed in a drawing for the $1000 “Early Bird” Grand Prize!  The polls won’t close until June 9th, so all valid ballots received after the 5/18 Early Bird date, will be added to the barrel and go into the next 2 drawings for $500 cash prizes!  This is the best possible return on investment ($0 invested) that I have heard of!  As of today, there have only been about 700 ballots received, so even with the incentive it appears that almost 4 out of 5 homeowners haven’t yet voted.  (I’m running for the Board, so even though I sent in my ballot, I’m not eligible for the drawing.  If you want to read my candidate statement, it’s on this other blog site.)   

I just updated the most active neighborhoods in the Lake Forest II area with the year-to-date real estate sales and listings reports.  If you are thinking about buying or selling in one of those 14 neighborhoods, take a look, or call me to get all the details! 


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