Selling Your Lake Forest Home – Big Mistakes to Avoid

Warning SignWarning Sign 
There are so many ways to not sell your Lake Forest home in this market, that there is no excuse to make the most common ones!  If you’re going to fail at selling your house, please come up with something more original than these :

Don’t clean it up– just leave the beds un-made, dishes in the sink, dirty screens and muddy windows, laundry piled on the floor, old newspapers and general clutter on every horizontal surface, etc.

Make it difficult to show– don’t use a lock-box, demand that it be shown by appointment-only, then require that the buyer’s agent call 5 different phone numbers to try to reach you for that appointment.  Make it even more difficult by requiring an exact time (+ or – 5 minutes) for it to be shown, (and never before 11:00 am or after 4:00 pm on a weekday!)  If anyone ever does come to see it, make sure you follow them around the house and point out all the “special features” such as new toilet seats, low-flow shower heads, and gold colored doorknobs that you have installed in the last 9 years.

Stink it up– cook garlic, fish, curry and broccoli on a regular basis, and keep the windows closed!  Maybe add to it with a few dirty ashtrays, cigars, and some pet odors mixed in!  Don’t forget to use some over-powering room fresheners or candles to bring out the allergies of many buyers.

Price it just a little above the record set in 2005 by your neighbor’s house which wasn’t nearly as nice!  (An interested buyer can always make an offer!)  

Don’t bother to check what your agent has put in the MLS!  In addition to leaving out critical details about your property, such as correct number of bedrooms, lot size, neighborhood, school district, HOA dues, and tax rate, make sure your agent leaves out any photos that wouldn’t qualify for Athol Kay’s award for Bad MLS Photo of the Day! 


One response to “Selling Your Lake Forest Home – Big Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Hi Vicki!

    I appeciate the link love. Lots of good advice in the post too.

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