Hot Buy in Rancho Santa Margarita

I just checked the MLS – this one sold in 3 days (I knew it was hot)!  (updated 2/28/08)

This one just came on today and I don’t expect it to last very long.  I don’t have a specific buyer of my own* for it, so I’m sharing it here. 

HOT Buy in Rancho Santa Margarita - $529,863 

This is another REO (foreclosure, or bank-owned property) that I think the previous owner used as an ATM machine.  It was last refinanced for a total of $650,000 in November 2005.  Today, it is listed for  $529,863.  (I don’t understand the “863” part, but that’s what they are asking.) 

As you can see, it has a 3 car garage, and it seems to be in a decent location near one of the community pools.   It has 3 bedrooms and over 1900 square feet.  Total HOA dues are approximately $97/month.  I think it is better looking than the photo – the overcast sky makes it look all washed out.    Contact me soon if you think it might work for you!   

*When I have a buyer that fits one of my “hot buys,” I call them first before posting to the world.  If you want me to call you first, call or email me and we’ll talk about what you want and where!


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