Orange County Homes Sales Report 2007

Total sales volume of homes in Orange County, California, for 2007 was off about 28% from the volume of 2006, but it was off 56% from our record year of 2003!

Orange County California Homes sales volume 1999 - 2007

I really believe that the volume of 2004 is understated because homes were selling so fast that many never made it in to the MLS at all! 

What kind of volume will we see in 2008?  Leave your guess in the comment section and I’ll buy the winner a cup of coffee (or a beer – your choice) next January when we know the answer!

If you would like to see what is currently for sale, go to my search page!


2 responses to “Orange County Homes Sales Report 2007

  1. Total OC housing volume this year will be 14000

  2. Oh boy! If it’s that low, I may not be able to afford that cup of coffee! (I really hope you’re wrong!)

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