Interim Occupancy Agreement

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6 responses to “Interim Occupancy Agreement

  1. i would like a copy of the Interim Occupancy Agreement

  2. Hi Linda –

    I’ll upload a pdf sample for you tomorrow afternoon. Are you in California?

  3. If you are making the copies available to the public, I would love one. Right now looking at an at last! buyer who wants early occupancy. Even if you don’t send one, your information was valuable. Thanks.

  4. This is an interesting, one-sided view. How about when the seller does not complete going to court for bankruptcy and the buyer has shipped all household goods to the address, wired the closing costs, and is waiting to move-in? The buyer paid to have the carpets cleaned. There were leaves on the floor in the master bedroom and the toilets filthy. And the seller is doing us a favor? We are out the fee for an appraisal, the house inspection, the notary signing, etc.

  5. Hi Mildred –

    Yes, I said it is a very one-sided view. It was written with the idea that any delay of the closing was due to the buyer, or his lender.

    When it is a seller-caused delay, I would be very hesitant about moving forward, or moving in.

    What did your agent recommend?

  6. The agent referred me to her broker and I was told that I was in a good position.

    If I may ask, why would you be hesitant to move in?


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