Opportunities in Declining Market

With all the talk about the sub-prime melt down and the increase in foreclosures and short sales, it’s easy to think that nobody should buy any home right now.  That thought process neglects to consider the fact that each property is unique.  If the exact house that you have been wanting becomes available, don’t allow the “market conditions” to keep you from buying it.  It may not be available again!

There will always be valid reasons for sellers to sell and buyers to buy, without the panic caused by poor market conditions. 

If you are planning to buy a home to live in; where you will create memories, be sheltered from the elements, feel proud to entertain your friends and associates in, to feel secure in, and proud of, the individual house and lot are much more important long-term than the knowledge that you purchased it at a “rock-bottom price.”

The current market offers a buyer many choices of good homes that will sell for a more reasonable price without the “froth” of too many buyers competing.  Be careful with your selection and negotiations, but don’t be afraid to commit to the home of your dreams! 

To view homes for sale in the MLS, please go to my website and click on the blue button labeled “SoCalMLS”.  No registration required!


2 responses to “Opportunities in Declining Market

  1. Beautifully said. I think it’s important to note that selling a home and purchasing a replacement home within the same economic housing market is more or less a ‘lateral’ move. Sometimes sellers who are discouraged by lower offers on their home may not be taking into consideration the fact that they will probably realize the difference in the purchase of their replacement home.

  2. Great point, Kelly. I think I will work up some charts and graphs to illustrate that on a future blog entry. Thanks for stopping by.

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